It is my pleasure to have you join my inner circle. I knew you were going to be a good fit. You are one (or all) of the following:

Someone who wants to enhance their mindfulness in any area of their life.
A person who is eager for new ideas and inspiration for mindfulness practices.
A woman who are ready to put in the work to do better, and to be better - by making self-care a priority.

I hope that you find the information and resources you find in private membership valuable.

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At any given moment when you need to find peace and calm, we have 200+ meditations, (ready to download or listen) to help you find clarity. 

The Work

Step-by-step guidance for integrating mindfulness in all areas of your life. Over time you will have access to over 300+ action guides & journals.


Let's meet for tea and a talk. Join the weekly private call with me and others who are on the mindfulness journey, just like you. 

Andrea Callahan, brand manager & mindfulness instructor

Andrea Callahan

Principal brand manager & lead instructor

You are worthy.

Knowing your value shifts your intention. Understanding your purpose changes how you move through life. When you are clear about who you are you will see your purpose becomes evident. Being authentic transforms the possibilities. As your confidence grows so do your expectations.

Loving yourself teaches others how to love you. Be empowered. Be brilliant.

What is Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness

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Just so we are clear, I am not a medical provider (Physician, Psychiatrist, Nurse Practitioner, etc.). You agree and acknowledge that I am not providing health care, medical or nutritional therapy services, or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional issue, disease, or condition. Please, please if your symptoms are getting away from you promise you will make your way to see a mental or healthcare care professional. If you need spiritual guidance seek out an advisor as I do not make any attempt to advise you on treating your ailments. You do not have to handle things on your own. You are not alone. If you need support, a friend, or sisterhood please contact us. We are here for you

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